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Video Production

We’re a full-service production house, meaning we do everything from idea speculation to visual FX, all in house! — It also doesn't hurt that we own all our own equipment and a shooting studio, making it easier to collaborate with you at every step a painless process. Our budgets are completely dependent on the project and it takes us about 3 - 5 weeks to complete. Call us! 1.323.989.1141

Marketing/Video Launch

We work closely with our friends over at Wareness. They specialize in marketing cool new hardware so everyone can hear about the next big thing! Let us know and we'll put you in contact with them.

Who We Are

Who am I?

My name is George. I created Mikhail Productions, not just because of my desire to see my last name everywhere, but because I wanted to pioneer a new method of video advertising inspired by the creative individuals behind startup companies. Startup companies are constantly creating new products and need new and innovative ways to get the word out. At Mikhail Productions, our goal is to create a video that presents your product in a simple and fresh way. You’re excited about your product. Let us help make the world excited about it too.

Who are we?

Mikhail Productions is made up of a team of creative professionals united by friendship. Our friendship is important to us, not only because it makes work more enjoyable, but also because it creates a uniquely comfortable atmosphere that allows us to collaborate in a safe way. Every idea is heard. We understand startups because we operate like one.

Who are you?

You are a potential client and potential addition to our team of friends. We listen closely to what you want and tailor every project to meet your needs. By working closely with your PR and marketing team, we communicate throughout every process of production to ensure that our video is consistent with the entire campaign. Communication is the foundation of any relationship, and we understand that. We take our work, and our friendships, very seriously.


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