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What We Do

Video Production

We are a full-service production shop, meaning we do everything from idea speculation to visual FX, all in house! It also doesn't hurt that we own all our own equipment and a shooting studio, making it easier to collaborate with you at every step on our journey to make your promotional video. Our budgets are completely dependent on the project and it typically takes us about 3 - 5 weeks for delivery. Call us! 1.323.989.1141

Marketing/Video Launch

We know that making a slick promotional video to showcase your slick product isn’t all it takes for the world to hear about it. We work closely with various PR firms who specialize in spreading the word about the next big thing! Let us know and we can put you in contact with the right people.

Who We Are

Mikhail Productions is made up of a team of creative professionals who have a passion for creating content for startups. We love working with young companies because of the creativity involved in building something new.

From research and development, to promotion and branding, from sketches to polished creative video productions, we take great joy in every step of shaping a company’s identity.

You’re excited about your product, let us make the world excited about it too.

Our Team

How We Operate

Let’s Talk

Give us a call or us send an email. You have questions, we have answers. From your promotional video to your marketing ideas to launch, we can advise through every stage of your product’s launch. We love to hear about new products and why their creators are excited about them!

We Have Ideas

We come back to you with a few ideas, along with rough budgets and timelines. If you’d prefer to move forward with your own idea, we can do that too.


Once we are set on an idea, we move forward with scripting, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, gathering additional crew, and a bunch of other things that prepare us for Production. We work with you every step of the way making sure our plan aligns with your vision.


At this point, all the elements are set. We begin shooting. It’s that simple.


Immediately after the first day of production, we begin editing. Once the edit is complete, we move on to music, sound, and visual FX, all at the same time. Our team moves quickly while maintaining an eye for detail in order to deliver your ideal promotional video on time.


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